ReShape Weight Loss Program, Social

In addition to working with UX to write all the copy for the consumer-facing website, I was also responsible for creating elements that were used both on the site and the program's various social feeds.

virgina still.jpg

Patient Stories Video, Virgina

Emotional testimonials from real people have been shown to resonate with consumers in this category. We used people who had been on an early, pilot version of this program. Virigina was one of the progra's early success and she became quite the 'poster girl.' Creating this video was a bit like making reality TV: I culled through about 2 hours worth of recorded interviews to pull the soundbytes that would tell the most cohesive, persuasive story.


Patient Stories Video, Patrick

Patrick's story, on the other hand, required a little bit more shaping, if you will (again, sorry about the puns, they just keep writing themselves). Because his initial interviews didn't yield quite enough material to be turned into content, we had to write more focused questions for an additional interview.


ReShape Icons

To make the story more digestible (pardon the pun), we used icons and infographics to tell the story and guide readers through the site. My role was identifying the most important information in the story, and then proposing representative visuals and writing short blurbs of copy to go with the visuals to better articulate each idea. These icons were also used on the program's Facebook feed, to help relay key bits of information.