It's just like Yelp, but…

Instead of 10,000 people all reviewing the same taco shop, a group of talented professionals with whom I'd had the pleasure to work sing my praises.

My experience working with Lisa is one that I am forever grateful for. Lisa is a force of creative nature, she taught me how to think fast and constantly generate new ideas. Her ability to distill a brief and find the creative solutions at every angle showed me that I was working with a true savant. Her empathy for the audience and passion for communication allowed our work to transcend to higher places. The ease of working with Lisa made our long-distance partnership seamless. I am humbled to have had the experience of collaborating with such a gifted writer.
— Chloe Kramer, Senior Art Director, The Bloc

Lisa is a creative force who is different from the other creatives. She’s always looking for the new angles, strategies and technologies that can enhance the creative. She’s not afraid to take risks. I am humbled to be in a collaborative relationship with her I constantly learn from her.
— Joven Orozco, mayor/Creative Director, Jovenville

I’ve worked with a lot of writers over my career and have yet to encounter one who can turn a mere concept into copy as fast as Lisa. I’ve seen her turn chaotic brainstorming into persuasive copy and develop copy options on demand. But, even in today’s hyperventilating world, speed wouldn’t be enough without empathy for the audience and a passion for communication. Indeed, throw a complicated, jargon-ridden booklet at her, and she’ll distill it down to a couple of information-packed, compelling pages. Whether the goal is to persuade or inform, Lisa produces copy that resonates with the audience.
— Marcia Tator, Senior Editor, UnitedHealthcare

We’ve been working since 2006 which speaks volumes of how much we value her. She’s always provided creative content in a timely manner and within budget. Understands projects given to her and asks questions when necessary. She’s a pleasure and a constant professional, very easy to work with and we will continue to do so.
— Kenneth Lim, visual scientist/manager, Jovenville

I’ve worked with Lisa for about 3 years now. She has been a great asset to our team and the clients we serve. Her writing ability is great of course but what we love most is her willingness to add creative ideas to the project. She’s never been afraid to push the creative envelope.
— Luke Mysse, Creative Director, Crossgrain
I had the pleasure of being Lisa’s manager in the very busy creative department at United Healthcare. She’s a gifted writer and passionate about providing strategically sound concepts and copy, which she consistently delivered under tight deadlines with frequently shifting client direction. She’s effectively handled multiple concurrent projects, was easy to work with and was a good collaborator with teammates and clients. I’d welcome the chance to work with her again.
— David Wyner, former Creative Manager, UnitedHealthcare

Lisa is the consummate professional. Her exceptional writing skills coupled with her ability to always inspire a good creative solution makes her one of the best copywriters I’ve ever worked with. She is timely and concise and consistently delivers quality work. She’s always a pleasure to work with and greatly contributes to any collaborative relationship.
— Phedre Loren, Creative Director, Phedre Loren Design