uhccreative.com, the blog for UnitedHealthcare's Creative Team

This was a significant accomplishment for me, on so many levels: For one, it's a blog that I created, wrote and edited, all by myself, and I'm very proud of the content. But this blog is also a great example of my creative problem-solving skills in action.

A little bit of background: We had to participate in a corporate-wide survey that identified areas of employee engagement and identify team strengths and weaknesses. The results showed two big problems for my team: low awareness of our services, and the perception that we were all a bunch of hacks, capable of only doing production work. I came up with the idea of creating a blog to showcase our talents, experience and the breadth and quality of our work. I was given the green light and ran with it. The blog was a mix of our work, industry news and trends, "advertising 101" and the occasional lighthearted feature. It was well received and generated healthy traffic.

Click below to read a few of my favorite features. Because I'm not sure how long UHC will continue to host the blog, I'm providing PDFs rather than links.