City of Santa Monica Annual Report

Call it the Silicon Beach effect: in recent years, Santa Monica has gone BOOM, drawing scores of high-tech businesses and thousands of new residents looking for opportunity and year-round sunshine. While this is good for the city, it has also created tension as long-time businesses worry about being priced out and residents worry about their quality of life.

Santa Monica needed to be positioned as an innovative city that could support high-tech businesses, but also supported a high standard of living, with sustainability, safety, education, and last but not least, beautiful beaches, a thriving art scene, and other opportunities for entertainment and leisure.

My role in creating the report was interviewing city managers, combing through a year's worth of press releases, concepting infographics to convey data, and writing or editing scripts. Unlike many Annual Reports, which are first developed for print and then adapted for Web, this report was developed specifically to live online.

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