Latino Health Solutions interactive kiosk, powered by Microsoft

Latino Health Solutions was created by UnitedHealthcare to bridge the cultural gaps and disparities that exist within the healthcare system, but the organization is about so much more than just insurance: they host community events such as farmer's markets, free clinics and fun-runs, and work with community leaders to help promote healthy living.

This kiosk was built for workplaces that had a significant Latino population. It was created to provide easy answers about health and healthcare, which would lighten the workload for HR professionals. And beyond basic details about insurance, the kiosk provided information on nutrition, making the most of community resources, and mental health.

Working with LHS and the UnitedHealthcare internal digital team, I wrote all of the content and copy for the interface. The kiosk was developed in conjunction with Microsoft, who built custom software around the graphic user interface and kiosk case.