Human Longevity, Inc.

I've almost never been more excited to work with a client than I was with Human Longevity, the company founded Craig Venter, the scientist responsible for completely sequencing the human genome. So Human Longevity is basically the Porsche of genomics companies, and they offer their services to consumers as well as physicians and researchers. Their flagship product, Health Nucleus, isn't just a new product, but the vanguard of a new category that aims to change the practice of medicine.

Working as Group Copy Supervisor, I got to help bring Human Longevity's brand to life, working on all assets of their website, as well as naming, planning a photo shoot and stock photo library, the customer journey (comprising email marketing, call scripts, and social media), video, and much more. Regretfully, much of that brilliant work is stuck in Accounting limbo, but at least their beautiful website is live.

Very unfortunately, due to some timing issues, we were not able to complete the Health Nucleus site, so that site does not reflect any of our thinking, writing, or creative.