I can't separate the "professional me" from the "personal me".

I wonder what life is like for accountants, bus drivers, zoo keepers or airline pilots…people with professions that, ostensibly, require a very specific, defined skill set that doesn't have a whole lot of overlap with their off-the-clock lives or personas.

As a copywriter/writer/creative person, I'm never off the clock. I don't "turn it off" when I leave the office. Everything I see and experience is filtered through my creative faculties, and those also have a lot to do with how I process. Every shopping experience (and boy, there are a lot of them), every book I read, every piece of commercial or fine art I encounter is an opportunity to strip something to its essential parts, see how they work, and then later appropriate them for my own causes. When I'm at work, I draw on all of this. And when I'm in my off time…why, yes, sometimes I do catch myself making up taglines or marketing blurbs for random things or people.

The point being, since there's so much overlap in these two words, probably not just for me, but for all good, engaged writers and marketers, I don't see the point in having two blogs to separate my experiences. (And cha-CHING, double the pageviews on this blog.) So welcome to my "per-fessional" blog, where I'll be writing about everything from advertising I love or hate, working life and the not-working life, to shopping, retail and culture.

So welcome, thanks for reading, and let's get a conversation going!