In addition to concepting and writing TV spots that were produced and aired during PRIME TIME, BABY!, I've also done a few "direct to video" spots (i.e., spots that were created as broadcast, but media budgets got complicated and then the spots were used elsewhere, such as Facebook channels).

My role in all of these videos were the same: working with a creative director and art director on concepts, writing the script, helping develop the storyboards, and any and all revisions through pre-production.

Scroll down and click any of the images to watch the spot.

This was a spot created to promote the UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation during the 2014 Outback bowl on ESPN2, which earned a record-setting 6.4 million viewers.

This was one of three spots created for the UnitedHealthcare "Health in Numbers" campaign.

This is one of 3 commercials created for the UnitedHealthcare "Health In Numbers" campaign.

The 3rd of three spots created for the Health in Numbers campaign.

This is one in a series that was originally conceived of as part of a broadcast campaign, but ultimately these videos were put on the Quest Diagnostics YouTube channel. The campaign theme is "Knowing," and it's all about how when you have knowledge, be it good or bad, you're empowered and can take charge of your life.